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Michelle Thomas
United States
2D Animator | Concept Artist | Illustrator

Recently Graduated from the Southwest University of the Visual Arts with a Bachelors in Animation I am an artist looking to peruse a job in either Dreamworks or Ubisoft. Although I am currently working at Pizza hut I occupy my free time with working on 3 major personal projects; my two graphic novels "Legacy of the Night", and "Awaken", and my short film "Little Lion Girl". For more infomation on me and my work please visit my website bellow.
If I still haven't finished a commission I owe you PLEASE let me know and I will get on it ASAP.




All Prices will depend on what exactly you want, 
however here is a rough outline of 
what I'm offering and around what it will cost. 

Sketches will range any where from $3 Gestures to $15 Finished sketches. 
Fox and Rat concept sketches by DawnFrost
ReaWolf Commission by DawnFrostGalaxys_Most_Wanted_Commission by DawnFrost
Kay Portrait by DawnFrost

Stylized Illustrations will range from $10 Line arts to $50 Full detailed scenes

Fat Cat with crown and sword by DawnFrost
Justin and Joyce Cuddle by DawnFrost
Trotting Foxy by DawnFrost
planning an escape by DawnFrost
The Beginning of an Alliance by DawnFrost
Fire against Soul by DawnFrost

Digital Paintings will range from $15 Gestures to $60 Finished paintings

River Speed by DawnFrost
Kookaburra by DawnFrostPeacock by DawnFrost
Finch by DawnFrost
Honey by DawnFrost

Signed physical copies will range any where from $7 6x4 post cards to $30 24x36 posters. This includes shipping

Just let me know if your interested in a note or comment bellow. 


Martin badge by DawnFrost
Martin badge
badge bought in an auction. If I were to do more what would you like them of? More wolves, rats, cats, big cats. Let me know. 
Vacuous Morons by DawnFrost
Vacuous Morons
Been a while since I drew a picture I felt might need to be censored. I know this not only from my memory bank but my rustiness of drawing in blood. 

Craster wakes to find himself in desperate need of medical attention. As his eyes adjust he starts to see that he is not alone in the bowels of the sewer and calls out for help. Will anyone tend to his wounds? Or will be forced to mend himself. 

Drawing was made for :iconthe-rat-packs:
Linden app by DawnFrost
Linden app
Name: Linden
Nickname: Lin
Gender: Male
Age: 2 year
Breed: Hairy standard ear
Sexual Orientation: platonic 
Religious beliefs: Believes in mother nature, and that she should be respected and worshiped for all she has given to us. 

Pelt description: Long silky fur, cream blaze and right eye patch, with a musty dark gray hood
Eye color: musky gray
Any scars or injuries: weak immune system, and a childhood injury to back left leg.
Accessories: N/A

Pack: Barn Mischief
Rank: Head Medic
Mentor: N/A
Past Mentor: Name not known
Fledgling: N/A

Family: N/A open to being related to any existing characters
Crush: N/A
Mate: N/A
Offspring: N/A
Other relations: N/A 

Strength(s): Knowledge of plants | Curiosity | Charismatic | Prepared 

Plant knowledge:
Lin is very enthusiastic about plants of all kinds, even the aesthetically pleasing ones. He even has his own garden that he tends to back behind the barn in his free time.

His curious nature allows him to try new ways of treating injuries, a skill inspired by his past mentor.

Lin can put anyone at ease, and distract them from their troubles. A skill most valued in a medic.

Lin prides him self with keeping a full inventory of everything possibly needed for any sort of situation. 

Weakness(es): Gullible | Easily tired 

The guy just can't pick up on sarcasm, or lies for that matter. Even when he knows someone has said something falsely he tries to rationalize it and make excuses for them.

Easily Tried:
Because of his weak immune system he is often sick, or has a migraine. And when he is feeling well an old childhood injury in his back left leg flares up. Making it painful for him to get around. 

Likes: Plants | Medicine | Being Social | Youngsters | Teaching
Dislikes: Dogs | Hostility | Disorder | Being low in supply | Being rushed

Personality: Linden is a very calm easy going rat that genuinely loves helping others. He tends to be a bit of a bore when you get him on the subject of plants, however he is very easy to talk to. Mostly due to the fact that he listens and remembers your woes and thrills and often asks for updates. One major short coming of his is that he is extremely gullible and is a bit of an enabler. If someone has wronged him, even blatantly he will make excuses for them and keep giving them a second chance. He dislikes hostility and will avoid any confrontation if he can, unless it comes to a rat's health and well being.

History: Lin was in a rather serious accident where his back left leg got caught in one of the tractor's gears. Everyone thought he would lose the leg, and possibly his life to infection. But this young rat, an apprentice to the head medic came in and manged to not only salvage the leg, but make it usable again. The miracle enraptured Lin, and he soon found himself apprenticing under this new head medic. Under his wing Lin learned many new ways of treating patients and most importantly a wide variety of plants and their various uses. This sparked a new love and possibly even a slight obsession with Lin. He soon found himself branching away from his mentor to more herbal remedies. No one's quiet sure why but the head Medic one day disappeared, leaving his position needing replacing. With Lin studying under him the role naturally fell to him to fill, and he's been head medic ever since.

RP Example: It was surreal. Lin kept expecting to turn around and see that o'l goat messing around with his studies. Kept expecting to hear holler about some sort of item needing to be fetched. His muffled grunts and chirps as he worked out some new problem. But there was nothing. Just an empty void. It was peaceful. A smile bloomed across his face as he turned and took it all in. He was the boss now. This was his medicine den. A sort of flutter rapped against his chest as he started to rearrange the room more to his own tastes. 

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