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Michelle Thomas
United States
2D Animator | Concept Artist | Illustrator

Recently Graduated from the Southwest University of the Visual Arts with a Bachelors in Animation I am an artist looking to peruse a job in either Dreamworks or Ubisoft. Although I am currently working at Pizza hut I occupy my free time with working on 3 major personal projects; my two graphic novels "Legacy of the Night", and "Awaken", and my short film "Little Lion Girl". For more infomation on me and my work please visit my website bellow.


Agent pillow pet by DawnFrost
Agent pillow pet
""Information Classified"


"That's AGENT Pillow Pet to you mam' X] and yes his parents "abandoned him" in Aryn so he could for fill this ghastly over complicated series of events that are so enormous and over the top I just can't bring myself to disclose them. But you should expect to hear about it soon. Promise." me

I regret nothing
Varrick Timeline by DawnFrost
Varrick Timeline
Decided to try to make a timeline to help keep my pillow pet's life in order. I will be trying to update this every season change. Trying to will be the key word there. 


Making fun
    - Varrick's siblings tease him
Friends at first glance
    - Varrick meets Echo
How to say Goodbye
    - Echo's mother dies

Silent Understanding
    -Varrick meets Riley where he tells the young wolf "Running away isn’t going to solve your problem"
Call met Fat
    - Varrick possibly influenced by Riley's words stands up to his brothers teasing. 
Coming to Terms
    -Varrick is abandoned by his family in Aryn
Warden Training
    - First day back in training with Charaka
Do you know the One
    -Erin introduces Varrick to Aryn religion
Heart of a Warden
    - Varrick helps in the recapture of an Aryn prisoner, but in the progress finds he has more in common with them then he thought. 
Boarish Games
    - Echo and Varrick get into a bit of mischeif
Moral Obligation
    - Information Classified
Path to Atonement
    -Information Classified 
How to say Goodbye by DawnFrost
How to say Goodbye
"She got up slowly and padded over to his side without a word. She curled up next to him, snuggling into his soft, fluffy fur and laid her head gently on his front leg, the way she used to lay next to Mother. She closed her eyes and let his comforting scent and warmth envelop her, slowly allowing it to ease away the tension in her frayed nerves and the raw pain within her heart. She sniffed as they lay there quietly together, her tears easing as her emotions slowly came back under control. Something clicked in her mind then. While she might have lost Mother, her only real family, she still had a family in her friends. Varrick was her family now. The other members of the pack who also cared for her as one of their own, they were all her family now and she would hold onto them as tight as she could. That way, she would never truly be alone."

Passage by L-Young 
How to say goodbye

My gosh I nearly had a spas attack drawing Varrick's lil ears. But no, serious somber picture is very serious ... and somber. Varrick is comforting lil Echo after the death of her mother. If you're curious about the finch feather I highly recommend reading the rp that's linked above. Not only will you find the answer but L-Young's parts are just phenomenally heartbreaking and beautifully written. 


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